Tiny But Mighty

There is an old adage that says “a pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adulthood treasure.” These words ring true for me as I sit down to write and reflect on this last week and provide a short update.

I am pleased to report that Miss Music Major and her little colt are both doing well. The little guy gets stronger every day and is now bucking and playing on legs that are much steadier and straighter with each passing day. Miss Music Major is a very good first time mother, doting on him and watching over him constantly. The two seem very happy together; watching them run and play in their small paddock is a miraculous joy and fills one with happiness and wonder.

Although he is still tiny, he is mighty! I think the little guy is going to make it…

~ Sandy


Hope Arrives

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here at Birds, Boots, and Brews. I am starting to think of life as one giant rollercoaster, filled with endless ups and downs. Or perhaps that is life with horses – the highest of highs and absolute lowest of lows. It is taking some time for me to put the last few weeks into perspective, let alone words.

So, in the meantime, here is a small update that may explain part of my tardiness in getting a post on here.

It’s a boy!!!

One hour old!

At approximately 12:30 am on April 15, my beautiful mare, Miss Music Major, gave birth to a handsome, but very tiny, colt. The birth itself went well. Unfortunately, the baby was struggling to nurse and Miss Music Major wasn’t producing enough milk at the time, which resulted in a sleepless night for me, my dear friend, Lisa, and my veterinarian. It also resulted in a very early morning SOS call for my best friend, Raina, as I had to bring her in for further assistance.

After numerous steps were taken, which will be written about at a later date, I am pleased to report that so far, mom and baby are doing well. The colt is very small; much smaller than other babies. In fact, his size is rather worrisome and it is possible he may not make it. If you believe in the power of prayer, it is definitely appreciated at this time for the little guy.

However, he continues to gain strength and I am hopeful that he will be okay long term. Luckily, the milk situation has been resolved and he is able to nurse, although getting to this point was no easy task.  

Got Milk? The new little one has dried milk all over his face. He is finally getting the hang of nursing!

I have been calling the new edition my “little string bean” because he is tall and so very skinny! Newborn baby horses always have ribs that are showing, but he really does. I do hope that will improve in the days ahead as he continues to nurse and gain strength. He doesn’t have an official name at this time. Suggestions are welcome.

This little colt is a blessing and a joy for me. I am filled with gratitude and hope whenever I look at his beautiful face. Life is truly a miracle and a gift.

~ Sandy

Little String Bean. He is getting stronger every day.

‘Notes’ of Gratitude

Greetings from Colorado!

I wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation for the positive response to my blog “Paddock Surprise.” It is truly appreciated and it warms my heart that so many people enjoyed the story.

Several people have emailed me to ask how Note This and her filly are doing. It is my privilege to tell you that they are doing fantastic! Baby Note is a classic “busy body,” curious and exploring everything. She is also turning out to be a bit of a character. Note This is an exceptionally patient mom with a very watchful eye.

The weather has posed the most challenges. It has been rather cold here, with temperatures exceeding ten below zero at night. Since Baby Note was ten days early, she is rather petite. She is so petite that I cannot find a foal blanket that fits her! So, I have done my best to provide a warm indoor environment at night with a lot of bedding and extra food for Mama Note so that they can both be as warm and comfortable as possible until this cold snap passes. During the day, they are out in the paddock, where Baby Note plays endlessly. She is a bundle of energy and already looks like a future champion.

I will do my best to include future blogs that provide updates on these two amazing horses.

Again, thank you all so much for your interest and positive support. On behalf of myself and Mama and Baby Note, we are grateful.


Baby Note