Out of Place

Greetings from Beautiful Colorado!

You have probably noticed a tremendous silence on this blog during the summer months. I like to think that summer is a crazy, busy time for everyone. It always is for me. In addition to the usual activities summer brings, it is also a time of sadness and reflection for me. June 8 marked the three-year anniversary of my husband’s passing. It hit me very hard this year, and although I am blessed to have an amazing family, wonderful friends, and am surrounded by some very therapeutic dogs, horses, and 3 new kittens, I still find myself grieving the loss of my husband and wondering about what might have been.

I started to write a poem about it back in June but could never finish it. Most likely it’s because I have never been accused of being a great poet. In fact, poetry was the one aspect of my writing that my many English teachers used to frown upon over the years. I have no sense of timing, rhyming, or rhythm, which probably explains why I wasn’t great at reading sheet music either.  I am simply hoping for a passing grade with this effort! It feels good to finally finish it.

For my husband, Kent. You are loved and missed every day.

Out of Place

Leaving me wasn’t your choice;

Oh, how I long to hear your voice!

But silence is the only sound,

for you are no longer to be found.

I still wait for you to come home

but each day I am alone.

Tears still stream down my face,

For without you, I feel out of place.

Only your memories are here;

monuments of what will never be abound.

Items we used to share

are all that can be found.

The day you were taken from me,

My heart shattered on the ground.

My love for you is so profound;

I wish to God you were still around.

2 thoughts on “Out of Place

  1. Oh, you just made me cry! That is beautiful, from the heart and real, it’s perfect! I’m so sorry for your loss, I can not imagine your grief. I lost my Dad exactly 23 years ago, he was exactly my age now, so that is weird. I don’t know how my Mom got through it, but she did. I’m glad you have a good support system, and it’s okay to cry!

    1. Thank you, Tiffany! I appreciate the words of support. I am sorry you lost your dad. That had to be tough and I know you must miss him terribly. I am so blessed to still have my parents. I can’t imagine getting through the last three years without them. I like to think our loved ones are still with us every day. By the way, I enjoy seeing your artwork. It is truly beautiful!

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